• Comprehensive Physical Exams for all life stages:
– Kitten, Adult, Mature, and Geriatric Cats.

• Vaccinations based on your pets’ life style and need

• Nutrition and Weight Management Counseling

• Behavior evaluations and environmental assessments

• Wellness Education

• Pediatric, geriatric and hospice care

• Acupuncture and Laser therapy.

• Comprehensive Laboratory Work:
– CBC, Chemistry, Felv/FIV testing, Thyroid Testing, Urinalysis

• Parasite diagnostics and treatments:
– Flea, heartworm and intestinal

• Diagnosis, treatment and management of chronic or degenerative diseases such as: diabetes, kidney and liver disease, hyperthyroidism and arthritis

• Evaluation and treatment of many common ailments: coughing, sneezing, vomiting, diarrhea, inappropriate urination, hair loss, itching, skin and ear infections

• Health Certificates